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Through Baptism and the anointing of Holy Oil, we become members of Christ’s holy Church. Yet Baptism and the blessing of this Holy Chrism are but the first step in this life that is aimed towards unity with God. Having been introduced into the family of faith, we must learn to live faithfully thereafter. This means many things. Most especially, we must learn to be at home in the Church. Its services, its community, its life of prayer must be a place we return to again and again. The routine of this practice will then help us to find and know God throughout all of our days.

Membership in Christ’s one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church is always distinct. Yes, we are brought near to God in our Baptism and our personal prayers, but we must learn to follow Him as a part of a community, sharing our journey together as brothers and sisters. None will be saved alone; we work, instead, to realize and bring to fullness the salvation of the whole world. As a part of this process, we must commit ourselves to a place and a community where the work of salvation is happening. For us, this is our parish and home of St. Nicholas Church.

Here in America, where we are blessed to enjoy so many freedoms, the Church is not funded by the government or by a central authority. The Church is not funded by the wealthy or by a trust fund or by property and land holdings. It is funded by its members. Each, according to his or her means, makes an offering to God. Remembering that our earthly treasures and talents, even the very breath of air that fills our lungs, and every last thing we have known or seen or owned is on loan to us from our Creator, each of us humbly offers something back as a thanksgiving to that God Who has seen fit to give us so much. Sacrifice is a part of what makes us human.

We invite you to be our guest. We hope you will stay and be our brother or sister, becoming a member of this community and its shared life. For information about membership, please visit or get in touch with us. 

Sunday, April 21
10:00 Holy Liturgy
Sunday, April 28
10:00 Holy Liturgy

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